Parents of soldier state their on was killed

 The death of a soldier Elshan Novruzov, soldier in one of the units of Tartar region  was not due to meningitis, said at the press conference on Tuesday, mother of  the  soldier,  Salbi Novruzova. She does not believe the official version of her son’s  death.  She said that her son  called her, and  told that  he was oppressed.

The mother claims that her son was killed as a result of the beatings. So far, the Military Prosecutor Office  does not  comment her son’s death.

The mother said that her son served only 45 days. "When we  visited him in the hospital, they saw that his neck were broken,  and the evidenced  were swelling and redness of the neck. In  the unit  we were told that on the day we left, the commander and several soldiers beat Elshan, then he died.  The soldiers who told  us about it, are not in the unit anymore. When   we came second time, they have moved somewhere, " said the mother.

She also  condemned the hospital doctors  for deceiving her, saying that her son was alive, though  he had  died. " We were deceived for eight days, and only after that we learned that he died. In fact my son died on  August 19, 2012, " said Salbi Novruzova.

She also told that she gave 1800 manat to  Mirhamid Nagiyev, the military police of  Yevlakh   for sending her son to a good  military unit. A lawsuit was brought against  Nagiev, for  taking a bribe, and  for offering Salbi Novruzova 30,000 manat , so that she withdrew  her complaint.

Soldier's father Nariman Novruzov told reporters that when the body of their son was taken,  the police surrounded the house,  in order to prevent making  videos.  They did not give a chance the parents to  look at their son.  

Elshan Novruzov’s relatives demand objective investigation of the case. 

and punishing the perpetrators.

Human rights activist Alekper Mamedov, noted that, despite the many deaths in the army, so far, no one from the management  was punished. "If no one is  punished, deaths will continue,"  said Mamedov.

After the press conference, the soldier's parents went to the Military Prosecutor Office to investigate the death of their son. The head of the Military Prosecutor, Khanlar Veliyev, promised  to investigate the case objectively within a month-16C04-





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