Parviz Hashimli: MNS wants to eliminate the brothers Nagievs

Trial in the case of journalist and human rights activist Parviz Hashimli accused of illegal possession of weapons and contraband took place in the Baku Serious Crime Court.

At the beginning of the trial Hashimli complained that before coming to court the employees of the MNS removed his records. He also presented statements of the CoE, OSCE , Human Right Watch, Amnesty International, and other international organizations in his case, and asked to attach  them to the case.

However, the judge said that the court will  investigate the evidence and documents relating to the trial.

Then the lawyer  Elchin Sadygov petitioned to interrogate a witness, Major of the MNS, Kamal Rasulzade, who run the operation to arrest Tavakkul Gurbanov  and searches  in his home and car.

He also proposed to identify and question the MNS officers who conducted the wiretap.

Hashimli said that the investigation asked  him a lot of questions about Veli Nagiev (Ali Nagiev’s brother, former deputy head of the MNS), now deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Office in the  Prosecutor General's Office), and Javid Gurbanov ( head of JSC "Azeryolservis".)

"They asked  where did I  know them. The investigation was particularly interested in whether I passed money from these  people to opposition? They even made me swear on the Koran. It is known that the MNS has some problems with Nagievs brothers, and I am  used to eliminate them," said Hashimli.

Lawyer Elchin Sadigov said that a  lawsuit   was fabricated .  "We believe that Gurbanov  was not in  Bilusuvar.

Therefore, we ask to  request from the mobile operator information about moving on September 17, 2013 the mobile phone of  Gurbanov, and view security camera of Traffic Police and the Ministry of Transport on the route Baku-Bilusuvar to set the movement of Gurbanov’s car," Sadigov said.

The lawyer Sadigov proposed petition on  identified pistols. "From the investigation materials it comes out  that  pistols "Signal" are prepared for secret  services.

Only after unprofessional processing  they become  suitable for live firing. No experiments were  conducted during the investigation, and we ask to appoint an expert on combat life pistols and grenades," said the lawyer.   The Court heard Sevda Aslanova, who was invited as a witness.  The  trial will continue until April 28. -06D-

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