Press Review 07/23/15

Official newspapers write about the visit of President of the EU Donald Tusk to Azerbaijan.

Azadlyg writes that the target of the Office for the Fight against Corruption will be the former head of the International Bank Jahangir Hajiyev, President of AZAL Jahangir Askerov and three ministers.

Freedom House appealed to the ambassadors of foreign countries in Baku to participate in the appeal hearings of political prisoners in Azerbaijan.

The European Court on the basis of the complaint of the wife of the journalist Elmar Huseynov murdered in 2005 began investigating the case.

AZAL actually ignored the order of the President of the country to reduce prices.

Bizim Yol writes that the State Concern AZAL receives all assistance from the state, while not paying taxes. In addition, AZAL is building g a luxury office and it is unclear what happened to 860 million manat allocated by the state.

Yeni Musavat writes that the meeting of President Aliyev with the head of the EU suggests building bridges of friendship with Europe.

The newspaper called "ticketing bluff" reducing air fares by AZAL.

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