Press Review 07/28/15

Official newspapers publish the order of President Ilham Aliyev to allocate 2.3 million manat for the construction of the highway in the Oguz region, as well as other decrees and orders of the head of state.

Azadlyg writes that Interior Minister Ramil Usubov ordered the arrest of a General's son, who ran over a policeman in his car.

The newspaper writes about the arrest of Nazim Agabekov, brother-in-law of the leader of Meydan TV Emin Milli on charges of drug-related crimes. The arrest aims to silence Emin Milli.

Freedom House called the method of governance in Azerbaijan "strengthening the authoritarian regime."

The newspaper writes that AZAL has published a list of ticket prices in different directions at a discount of 21%.

Express writes about the complete decline of cotton production in the country, calling it a "black day in “white gold” production."

Echo writes that Azerbaijan does not want to join the fight against ISIS for fear of attracting the attention of its militants.

Only 18 banks could remain in Azerbaijan, which is due to the fall in oil prices, experts say.

Bizim Yol writes about the creation of a Eurasian Movement in Azerbaijan. Experts call it a new plan of the Kremlin against Azerbaijan.

Yeni Musavat writes about the difficult situation created in Tekhnika Bank due to the struggle for the bank between the head of the Ministry of Finance Samir Sharifov, the banker Jahangir Hajiyev and the head of the Central Bank Elman Rustamov.

The newspaper claims that the Kremlin has started preparatory work for the last occupation of the Caucasus, while Azerbaijan and Georgia are future victims.

The National Council calls for a boycott of the parliamentary elections.

An act of self-immolation has been committed in Sumgait by a resident Muhammad Aliyev. He did not receive a salary for 6 months. The act was committed in front of the office where he worked. -0-

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