Press Review 08/12/2016

The implementation of economic reforms, official confirmation of the economic crisis, the situation with the currency shortage, the MPs on the last price increase, and the level of the subsistence minimum are the leading topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan newspaper writes about the new concept of economic reforms by Ilham Aliyev, which the author calls historic. Moreover, the initial success of these reforms is already visible.

The website writes about the difficult financial and economic situation of the country and the statements of MPs on the subject. In particular, the MPs from the ruling party Yevda Abramov, Siyavush Novruzov, Raphael Jabrailov, Bahar Muradova and others confirm that the situation is dire.

Why then, when the opposition cried about it, it was declared almost an enemy, but now, when it is voiced by MPs, it is perceived naturally?

Echo publishes an article about the state of the banks, which have completely lost their independence and are regulated by the state. Reduction of reserves will continue and foreign currency will not stop growing.

At some point, there will be two ways - to arrange the devaluation of the manat to prevent further loss of foreign exchange reserves or to continue to gradually lower the rate of the manat. Banks will not be able to limit the sale of foreign currency for a long time.

Bizim Yol analyzes the speech of MP Ali Masimov, who accused the government of lack of attention to the decrees of the President of not respecting deadlines for the implementation of decisions. The MP also claims that members of the government continue to obstruct entrepreneurs.

Yeni Musavat analyzes the monthly salary of the citizens and writes that a family of 4 people normally needs 1,500 manat per month to live. Currently, the average salary is about 490 manat. Taking into account the devaluation and increase in the cost of public services, the population will have difficulties.

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