Press Review 10.02.16

"Azadlig" writes that the struggle for prices between state agencies and importers hitting citizens. In January, imports decreased by 65-70%. Importers protest against the increase of customs duties. Entrepreneurs cannot even protect the anti-dumping law, the adoption of which is expected. This law will not support local producers, because domestic production does not meet the needs of the population of Azerbaijan.

"Yeni Musavat" writes that in May to the court will sent cases  against 25 persons involved in the scandal  in the  International Bank.  A lawyer Kyamandar Nasibov said that the investigation of this case is not carried out. Among the arrested there is also a  head of the Dubai branch of the bank Adil Huseynov. During the first 9 months after his arrest, the investigative actions against him were conducted only twice.

The lawyer said that of all  the arrested  only Adil Huseynov is  the bank employee, the rests are the heads of front companies that received loans. These people have never seen those money,  and only signed the document by the order.

During the reign of  Jangir  Hajiyev 51% stake in the  International Bank belonged to the State. The total capital of the bank amounted to 8 billion manat. Of these, 6 billion manat turned into bad loans. According to unofficial reports,  Jangir Aliyev  himself embezzled 619 million manat.

"Bizim Yol" writes about the fraud in Mingechevir with  public money under the guise of repair works in the city. As it turned out, in 2014 only for the  covering of the buildings the executive power of the city paid 10 million AZN to the company "Global Construction". A total of 14 million manat were   embezzled. Lowest price in the repair works totaled  999,000 manats.

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