Press review 11.10.12



Minister for Emergency Situations, Kamaladdin Heydarov, was summoned to the presidential administration in connection with the facts of corruption in the earthquake zone in Gah-Zagatala region. After that, the Minister held a meeting in his office.

Representative of  European Commission  who was in Baku  regarded as a fact of espionage  an unauthorized access to  his computer.

According to the lawyer Eyub Kerim, cousin of the president, is involved in the kidnapping Mahir Abdullayev in 2003.

Experts believe that the draft budget is aimed at the interests of officials. Thus, only 1.5% have been allocated from the state budget for the  education, and  35% for the internal affairs agencies. 

Over the last eight years  the Repair and Construction Departments  embezzled 800 million manta during the construction and repair of schools. 


"Yeni Musavat"

Employees of "Broker" Ltd.  extort money from businessmen,  importing  goods from Georgia. So far nobody was brought to justice for this.

The newspaper  commented on the  beating of Vusal Yusubov, the correspondent  of "Bizim Yol" newspaper, qualifying it as the repression of the entire editorial staff.


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