Press Review 21-22.09.14

Official newspapers write about the ceremony  of celebrating the 20 anniversary of the "Contract of the century" , and speech by Ilham Aliyev at the ceremony.


"Azadlig" writes that the United States demand from  official Baku answer about the causes of pressure on Western NGOs operating in Azerbaijan.

Turkish TV channel "TV Guds" showed  in detail a program on eviction by the authorities  the Popular Front Party from of leased office.

Police detained Seyfulla Najafli, a  teacher of school №1  in Sadarak region of NAR. The reason for detention  became the collection of signatures in support of a group of teachers who have been dismissed from school two months earlier.

The Iranian MP Mansour Haqiqatpour announced the preparation of proposals by the Parliament on the punishment of  countries allowing  Israeli planes flying, and  he meant  Azerbaijan.


"Yeni Musavat" writes that the deceased Sevinc Babayeva, in the case of a "trading mandates," recorded before her death an audiotape in which it accused the Rector of the International University Elshad Abdullayev of the  murder of his brother Mahir.

American intelligence  included  Azerbaijan in  its report  intro a  risk due to a shortage of drinking water.

  Three members of the Divan  of "Musavat"  party were deprived  of voice  due to  their statement that they will vote for the candidate Gubad Ibadoglu during the election of a new chairman.

Experts called the joint Azerbaijani-Turkish  military exercises "a show of force before the war."

If a salary  of MPs totaling 2000 manat  is not enough for  their living,  then what  to say about ordinary citizens whose salary does not exceed 400 manat.

Care Center of Khatai region issues citizens the money only for  six months, the rest of the amount  is pocketed.

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