Press Review 29/12/2016

The success of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy, the financial system, unemployment, and lower incomes are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the foreign policy of Baku strengthens Azerbaijan's positions in the world. 2016 was a year of deepening and expanding international cooperation. In the past year, the leaders of 15 foreign countries visited Azerbaijan.

The website writes that a few banks will leave the market. Next year, the devaluation of the manat will continue. Perhaps these banks will merge or will be denied a license, experts say.

Echo publishes an article about the problem of unemployment in the country. The Azerbaijani government promises to open 10 thousand new jobs in construction before 2020.

The average level of unemployment benefit totaled AZN 243.4. Of those who received the status of unemployed, 14,963 live in Baku. Of these, 954 receive the benefit.

To solve the problem of unemployment, the development of vocational training is provided by a strategic road map, along with the creation of employment centers, the adoption of the law on unemployment insurance, etc. If all these measures are implemented, then over time, the unemployment problem will be partially solved.

Novoye Vremya writes about the problem of reducing incomes.

According to the International Labor Organization, since 2012 the wage growth has slowed down all over the world. Despite all the assurances of the government, the real income of the population declines. According to unofficial data, this trend will increase even more. The continuing devaluation of the manat can never help improve the situation.

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