Press review February 10, 2018

The need for the candidacy of Ilham Aliyev in the early presidential elections, the view on postponement of elections, the prospect of manat are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper "Azerbaijan" justifies the need to nominate Ilham Aliyev for the post of the country's president in the early elections. The author draws such conclusions not on the basis of personal arguments, but on quotations from the speeches of Ilham Aliyev himself.

At the center of the policy pursued by I.Aliyev is a citizen of the country, his problems and welfare, democratic development, as well as large-scale transnational projects, the settlement of the Karabakh conflict, the author asserts.

The site "Azadlı" also writes about the extraordinary presidential elections, postponed from October 17 to April 11.

The author believes that the authorities do not want and cannot explain the reason for the postponement of the elections. Although the Constitution provides for cases of the postponement of elections due to large-scale events.

The newspaper "Echo" published an article entitled "Floating rate of manat. Which does not float. " The transition to a "floating" rate did not change anything in the cost of manat, which suggests that the rate is administratively regulated.

Freely floating exchange rate implies a complete refusal of the authorities to interfere in the process of regulating the national monetary unit. In short, the movement of the exchange rate is determined solely by the market laws of supply and demand.

The intervention process is in most cases in currency interventions. Conversion operations are conducted with the national currency and reserve monetary units in the open market. About 4 billion dollars a year is spent on these purposes.

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