Press Review for 3/14/13


Official newspapers report on the visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Montenegro.
At the same time, state-run newspapers unleashed criticism on the new opposition movement EL, calling its leader Eldar Namazov "renegade."
Azadlig informs that on 18 March from 12.00 to 15.00 there will be a charity marathon in support of the "Fund of assistance to democracy."
Official Baku is trying to make the U.S. an "enemy" and write off all the complaints and problems in Azerbaijan on the machinations of the Americans.
The leader of Musavat Isa Gambar will not participate in the upcoming meeting of the heads of the eight opposition parties, explaining it with the lack of sense in this.
Zerkalo says there were calls to limit the social networks and regards it as the probability of destruction of communications for the imaginary stability.
Contrary to the denials from the Prison Service Chief Madat Guliyev, relatives of prisoners in Jail N 17 claim that there was a riot there.
Auto hooliganism causing death of somebody will be punished by imprisonment for 12 years.
Echo: This year, 2.3 million tourists are expected to visit Azerbaijan and the prices will rise by around 10%.
Experts believe that the average family requires AZN 600 for food per month.
Because of the warm weather, mountainous rivers rose sharply due to the accelerated water content and thaw.
Novoye Vremya asks if "it is comfortable to sit on a rusting oil needle" and notes the country's economy is built on oil exports.
Bizim Yol
The authorities are preparing to expel international organizations to prevent monitoring the implementation of projects of upcoming presidential elections. 
The newspaper publishes the list of 28 pro-government NGOs that have received large grants from foreign donors. This is in response to allegations of the government that the West only funds opposition NGOs.
Yeni Musavat: On behalf of the OSCE headquarters in Vienna, the OSCE Baku Office staff is checked, and early withdrawal of the head of this office Coray Targay is prepared.
Convicted on charges of drug possession, a member of the Islamic Party Mehdi Shamilli is being under pressure in prison for publishing his material in the newspaper Yeni Musavat. He was caused to pledge in writing that he would no longer write. -0 -

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