Press Review for 9/13/12


Official newspapers publish detailed reports and photos of the visit of Turkish Prime Minister to Azerbaijan.

 These newspapers are writing about the opening of the Azerbaijani-Russian "bridge of friendship" in Astrakhan.

The newspaper Yeni Azerbaijan continues to publish offensive material against the head of Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli.


Azadlig writes that the warscenario for Aliyev's power can be started. The newspaper calls it a "terrible plan" for 2013.

The newspaper says that the meeting between Aliyev and Erdogan in Gabala shows that the city will become the second largest in the country. In all likelihood, the lack of agreement with Russia on the Gabala radar station is due with this.

The paper focuses on the arrest of Nigar Yagublu - daughter of the deputy chairman of the party Musavat Tofig Yagublu, who is blamed for the death of a member of the party Aydin Adjalov in a road accident.

The Forum of Intellectuals believed that the statue of the Liberator of Baku from the Russian-Armenian military forces in 1918, Nuru Pasha, must be installed in the center of the capital, and not in the Turkish Embassy in Baku.



Turkey begins to irritate Russia, and even friendly relations between Putin and Erdogan do not help, writes a columnist.



The earthquake-prone areas of Baku are in the Binagadi, Surakhani and Khatai districts of the capital.


Bizim Yol

Turkey's ruling party Justice and Revival sent to official Baku an appeal to abolish visa requirements for Turkish citizens.


Yeni Musavat condemns the arrest of Nigar Yagublu, who is blamed for the death of a member of Musavat Aydin Adjalov in a traffic accident. The newspaper recalls that there was a similar story against the granddaughter of ex-President Ayaz Mutallibov. However, she escaped punishment.



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