Press Review March 13.03. 2018

The development of the country's regions, the statistical data, ways to solve problem loans are one of the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper "Azerbaijan" writes about the development of the regions of the country, about state programs that gave this impetus. This issue is at the center of the state's attention. Billions are spent for the implementation of state programs in the regions, the author notes and cites figures demonstrating the development: over the past 14 years, 30 power plants have been built, 93% gasification has been performed, and the problem with drinking water has been solved.

The site "Azadlı" writes about the difference in the statistical data of the country. Often they do not converge even with the data announced at the meetings. The author analyzes the figures and leads to their inconsistency. The article is full of figures, their analysis and exposure.

The Yeni Musavat newspaper writes about problem loans and the search for ways to solve them. As one of the options, it is pointed out that the government can make concessions on this issue. The author gives the opinions of deputies, experts on this matter.

The current situation allows us to solve this issue. As of February 1 this year, the amount of overdue loans is 1 billion 695.9 million manats. The difference in the rate of manat before the devaluation and after the experts offer to divide between the three sides.

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