Pressure on Leyla Yunus does not stop in jail

The arrested human rights activist Leyla Yunus sent to the Committee for the Protection of her rights a letter, which reports on pressure on her in the Baku Prison N 1.

This was at the committee meeting on Saturday said the journalist Khadija Ismail. According to her, the pressure on Yunus is exerted by Nurida Huseynova contained with her in the same cell. This woman has repeatedly been judged.

This woman constantly yells at Yunus and threatens to beat her. Yunus said that the daughter of this woman owns an optics shop on Avenue Azerbaijan in Baku.

Together with Yunus in the cell measuring 12 square meters 5 more people are contained.

Members of the committee said about the illegality of the content in the same cell of human rights defender and a recidivist.

The Committee intends to urgently meet with the management of the Prison Service on this issue.

* Yunus was arrested July 30 on charges of treason and other crimes. Amnesty International declared her a "prisoner of conscience." -05C-

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