Prison Term for Youth Activist Can Be Extended

The convicted activist of the movement NIDA Ilkin Rustamzadeh may face new charges, his lawyer Fariz Namazly told Turan.

According to him, the day before he was questioned as a witness on the criminal case under Article 317.1 (threat of violence). The activist believes that in the near future he will face specific charges.

We are talking about a criminal case launched in November last year, when the activist’s cell was searched and a sharpened spoon was found. Criminal proceedings were started by the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Justice.

Then Rustamzadeh was taken a testimony and no investigative actions took place. Now, five months later, the case is again revived and on 24 April Rustamzadeh was questioned. The activist believes they want to put forward new charges against him, the lawyer said.

Under Article 317.1 Rustamzade faces up to 5 years in prison.

* Ilkin Rustamzadeh was arrested in March last year, along with seven members of NIDA. They were charged with organizing mass riots. Rustamzadeh was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. Amnesty International recognized him and other members of NIDA as prisoners of conscience. -06-

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