Protest of parents in connection with the suicide of schoolgirl

Baku / 12.04.19 / Turan: On Friday afternoon, in front of school number 162, a protest rally was held demanding to punish the guilty in the suicide of the 8th grade schoolgirl in Baku.

Dozens of parents took part in the action, putting photos of the deceased near the school, lit candles and laid flowers.

The participants of the action expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of the principal and the management of the school.

"A few months ago I complained to the school principal and her assistant teachers. If the complaint had been considered, this tragedy would not have happened. My daughter had the same fate, because the director insulted her too," said the parent, Sabaha Guliyeva.

"We demand to punish the guilty for the death of the girl. Do not allow to cover the criminals. It is outrageous that the child, after falling from the third floor, was held for two hours, was not informed to the parents, and was transferred to the director's office. This alone is enough to prosecute. The director threatened her parents and students if someone complained about her.

The class teacher was aware of everything. The girl was beaten by the 11-grade pupils, they humiliated her," said another participant of the action, who did not identify herself.

On 4 April a 8-grade girl of school 162 jumped from the third floor of the school on April 4. Two days later, she passed away in the city clinical center.

In fact, in the Baku city prosecutor's office, a criminal case has been initiated under the Article 125 (bringing to suicide). The tragic incident caused a wave of indignation in social networks.

School director Sevinj Abbasova was suspended from work until the completion of the investigation.-03B06-

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