Provocation against blogger Mehman Huseynov

Blogger Mehman Huseynov was  attacked on the street yesterday.
On his Facebook page  he wrote  that on Friday  at around 15:10 he left the house, and when he was leaving his quarter, he  saw like a man in civilian clothes  following him.
Surveillance continued until the blogger went on the bus and went to the barber shop, where the surveillance continued.

"Before  leaving the barber shop, I called a friend and warned  about the provocation  against me," Huseynov wrote.  The blogger left the barber shop,  and saw that  three more men joined  the first  man  following him.
"I went in the opposite direction, but one of these individuals went straight at me, struck in the shoulder and grabbed my arm. The other men began to approach. I  managed to run away," Huseynov wrote.

The blogger believes that the men wanted  to start a  fight,  and then to accuse him of disorderly conduct or plant drugs. He does not know who those people were - police officers or mercenaries.

"But I do know one thing:  any  step taken against me is backed up by the power and the responsibility directly bears the country's leadership,"  says Huseinov, believing that the cause is  his journalistic activities, criticism of the authorities and government officials.
"For many years, I tear off the mask from this government, ministers, deputies, and expose them to the people. And recently, I showed how the officials build their own houses, create a business with money  stolen  from people," continues Huseynov.

"Apparently  my videos scared  them, and they decided to eliminate me. But it's all in vain, I will not stop, and will expose the bureaucratic arbitrariness, lawlessness,  and fraud.

I do not know who is behind this order - Kamaladdin Heydarov, Ziya Mammadov, Ramil Usubov, or others, each such step is taken against me by the government," says the blogger.

Recently Huseynov on his page on Facebook SANCAQ production  published reports on the  villas of Minister of Emergency Situations Heydarov, Transport Minister Mammadov, Minister of Labour Salim Muslimov, the Mayor of Baku Hajibala Abutalibov, former MP Galib Salahzade,  and deputy Tahir Suleymanov. -06D-

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