Restrictions in Baku in Connection with Forthcoming European Games

From 0:00 on May 29 a ban has been imposed on traffic on the specially designated lanes on the main roads of the city. These limits are due to the upcoming European Games and will continue until their closure.

According to the Traffic Police of Baku, signs prohibiting traffic have been installed along the designated lanes. For violation of the ban a fine of 40 manats will be imposed.

The dedicated lanes are for buses carrying members of the European Games. Other vehicles must give way to them at intersections and corners. Violators will be fined at 80 manats and 4 penalty points.

On the morning of May 29 the main roads of the capital were jammed, which greatly complicated the traffic and created a lot of problems for citizens.

Recall that the European Games will begin in two weeks - on 12 June. -03B-

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