Security and defense remain closed sphere

Institute for Military Studies "Caspian" has distributed the results of monitoring under the title: "The human rights situation in the defense and security sector of Azerbaijan.”

Monitoring of the media covered all law enforcement agencies, as well as the Ministry of Defense Industry. Soldiers death, human rights in the Armed Forces, problems of corruption and bribery, social security, information policy, transparency, and others were studied. The report points to the complexity of information on defense and security sector, following the amendments to the legislation in 2014.

Compared with 2012-2013 the publication in the media of the defense and security sector fell by 80%.

During 10 months of 2015 were distributed 3,570 information in this area, of which 705 are  in online media.

Press service of the official structures  released 1350 information, including 860 - Ministry of Defense. This is mainly reports from the front. In general, the defense and security sector remains closed to the public, corruption and crime in the military are hiding. Therefore, the media often use unofficial sources.

Defense Ministry prefers to conceal statistics about soldiers' deaths on the budget and tenders.

Military Prosecutor's Office refused to comment on the crime and corruption in the  army, and gives information only about 5% of soldiers' deaths.

Since the beginning of 2015, the loss of defense and security sector totaled  67 soldiers, including 59 - the Ministry of Defense. -05D-

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