Theologian Babayev Accused of "Propaganda" of Islamic Regime of Iran

Baku / 08.05.17 / Turan: The preliminary investigation into the case of the Shiite theologian Sardar Babayev (Hajihasanli), accused of violating the requirements of conducting religious propaganda has been completed. This was stated by the lawyer Javad Javadov. He, together with Babayev, got acquainted with the case file in the Masalli district police department.

Babayev is charged that he, "being a person who received religious education abroad, led Friday prayers in the Masalli town mosque and conducted Friday sermons."

 The investigation uses a negative characterization against Babayev given by the head of the administration of Masalli. It states that Sardar Babayev "propagated the political and ideological regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the sermons".

According to the lawyer, all Babayev's sermons and speeches are distributed on the Internet and there is nothing illegal in them. He said that he would file a lawsuit against the head of the town administration of Masalli for presenting false facts in the characterization written for Babayev.

In the coming days, the case will be submitted for consideration to the court.

Recall that Babayev was arrested on February 22 on charges under articles 168-1.3 of the Criminal Code (violation of the requirements of religious propaganda). According to the investigation, he violated the law by conducting religious ceremonies, although he was educated abroad.

The defense considers this rule of law to be contrary to the European Convention and draws attention to the fact that the leaders of the Muslims Office of the Caucasus also received education abroad.-06B-


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