Tofig Yagublu: prosecutors avenges me for Gumashyan (UPDATED)

Sheki/11.03.14/Turan : Verdict events in Ismayilli will be announced  on March 17. In his  last word  at the trial on March 11 deputy chairman of the "Musavat" party,  Tofig Yagublu, rejected all the charges of organizing riots by opposition  in Ismailly region. "It was a popular protest against bureaucratic tyranny."

Investigation calculated the material damage caused by the riots , but did not ask for what  money the former chief executive Nizami Alekperov, having a modest salary, built a luxurious house, and  bought expensive cars.

The leadership  of the General Prosecutor had a grudge against him because of the journalistic investigation of mass murder in the Oil Academy. Then prosecutors announced  the organizer of the murder  a Georgian citizen of Armenian origin,  Mardun Gumashyan. Yagublu went to Georgia and found that Gumashyan was an ordinary citizen, and the police do not have a claim against him,  and the Azerbaijani side did not appeal to the Georgian authorities in connection with Gumashyan.

Yagublu said that if  he is convicted  even for 80 years , he will still be proud that he was arrested for fighting for freedom. –06D-  

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2014 March 11 (Tuesday) 15:25:09

The Sheki Court of Grave Crimes continued the trial on the Ismayilli events today, concluding the statements of the accused.

The accused Rashid Mammadov said that on January 23 he was in a teahouse and not at the scene.
Jeyhun Abbasov said he did not consider himself guilty, and at the same time he asked the court to take into account his family situation.

Elshan Ismayilov also reported that on January 24 during the protests he was not in Ismailly. He came to the town from the village for a wake party in the afternoon.
Second group invalid Sakhavat Samedov acknowledged that he took pieces of furniture from the burning hotel Chirag to save them, and the next day he brought them back. He asked the court to consider his health condition and taking care of his mother, who is also disabled of the second group.

Vasif Ibrahimov said that he was arrested for his interview, where he said that the people were brought to the crisis by the arbitrariness of the children of officials.

Next Ibrahimov said that he was arrested on the orders of the chief of the district police Shohrat Kerimov , whom he did not pay a "tribute" (Ibrahimov has a small commercial area). He also pointed out that the prosecutor in this case Fuad Musayev is also not impartial towards him , because in 2011, he led the case against him when he was then an employee of the district prosecutor's office.

Khayal Sharanov asked the court to take into account the condition of his family and the need to operate his infant child, as he is the only breadwinner .

The leader of the REAL, Ilgar Mamedov spoke shortly. His speech will be distributed later by the lawyers. He said that after the breakup of the Soviet empire in its space several khanates appeared, one of which is Azerbaijan, where human rights are violated .

Mammadov said that he was arrested to violate his participation in the elections.

And judging by the proposal of the public prosecutor (to sentence Mamedov to 8 years in jail), before 2020 he will not be able to take part in the elections.

Mammadov said that, for him, important is not the court's decision, but the attitude of the international community to this. Thanks to the participation of representatives of the embassies of the U.S. and EU nations and the EU mission, the international community has an objective view of reality.

Further, the speech of the deputy chairman of the party Musavat, Tofig Yagublu, started.

It will continue in the afternoon. -06/27D-

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