Unauthorized Procession of Thousands of People through Streets of Baku Lasted All Night. (UPDATED)

After the protesters were ousted from the square in front of parliament, 50 thousand people moved in two directions. Part of them went to the center, and part towards the monument to Narimanov.

Police used water cannons and tear gas and detained dozens of people.

However, they failed to disperse everyone and the protesters continued to chant “Resign” and march with police units.

The last group of demonstrators of several hundred people marched from the monument to Narimanov towards the Ministry of Taxes at 4:30. -0-

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2020 July 15 (Wednesday) 09:10:57

Police Disperse Protesters in Support of Army (UPDATED)

Baku / 15.07.20 / Turan: At about 4 a.m., demonstrators broke into the parliament building, chanting “Mobilization!”

At the same time, a huge number of police forces and the Rapid Response Regiment and members of the parliamentary guard did not take any measures to restrain the protesters. The doors of the building turned out to be open, although in connection with the mass rally the security of the building had to be strengthened.

After 15-20 minutes, police forces and a quick reaction regiment entered the building, and, using batons, knocked the people out of the parliament building, making detentions. However, some people turned over a police car.

The police used water cannons to disperse the remaining people in the square. -021b06-

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2020 July 15 (Wednesday) 07:01:30

Unauthorized Rally in Support of Army Takes Place in Baku

Baku/ 07.14.20/Turan: On the evening of July 14, an unauthorized rally in support of the national army began in the center of Baku. Several thousand young people marched along the central streets of the capital, chanting patriotic slogans.
Having walked along the seaside boulevard, the protesters walked past the presidential administration building and moved to the upper part of the city.
The demonstrators were accompanied by police units that did not interfere with the protesters.
The protesters waved their national flags, chanting “Our Karabakh”, “Glory to the army”, “Soldiers Ahead”, “Commander-in-Chief, announce mobilization.”
At 23:30, the action continued on the Alley of Martyrs. No incident was recorded. -0

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