Woman accuses chief executive of Dashkesan

The resident of Baku Eleonora Dzhabrailova accuses the chief executive of Dashkesan Ahad Abiyev of deception. At a press conference at the Media Center on Wednesday, she said that in November 2011, she agreed with Ahad Abiyev that she would sell her kidney to his brother Samad for 50 thousand manats.

The kidney transplant was done in Tehran Clinic Nican in November 2011. According to Eleonora Dzhabrailova, before the surgery she signed a document in Notary Office № 41 of the Sabail district of Baku, which says she is a relative of Abiyev and voluntarily gives up her kidney.

"It was necessary, because in Iran they do not make organ transplant to individuals that are not in a relationship," she said.

After staying in the Tehran hospital 5 days after surgery, Dzhabrailova returned to Baku and was met at the airport by Ahad Abiyev. She sent the woman home and promised that the money will return in March 2012. However, he did not keep his promise and began to avoid meeting Dzhabrailova. Moreover, he reminded her of the notarized document on voluntary kidney transplant.

Eleonora Dzhabrailova works at School № 4 in the Balakhani settlement, and is in need, and that's why she decided to sell a kidney.

The woman complained to various authorities, but there was no response. The prosecutor's office said seemed to her that they could not draw Abiyev accountable.

Note that this conflict has been commented by the media for long and Ahad Abiyev little reacts to accusations from Dzhebrailova. Only once he said to one of the channels that the necessary funds were transferred to the hospital and from there Dzhebrailova had to receive the amount agreed. -05C04-


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