WoWoman Celebrates the 3rd Anniversary

On 18th of February WoWoman Azerbaijan held its 3rd-anniversary celebration at Pullman Hotel. More than 400 guests including the representatives from public and corporative sectors, as well as opinion leaders, media and platform members have participated in the event. The U.S. Embassy was announced "The Best Partner - 2018" and the U.S. Embassy sponsored "WoWoman in Me" project was announced"The Best Project - 2018."

WoWoman is a platform established for development and inspiration of women. Within 3 years of fruitful work the platform has organized over 200 events and training, and over 40 education programs and projects to the community members. Currently, WoWoman Azerbaijan online community has over 20.000 members.

Starting its activity from zero, within the short period of time the organization has achieved success, established partnerships with such companies as Google and Microsoft, and simultaneously opened its representatives in Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. In addition, WoWoman was presented on the world arena of such venues as Stanford, MIT, Harvard, TEDx in Germany, Latitude59 in Estonia, and Impact Hub in Ukraine.

"Few people believe that all this work was done without any investment from the outside, and only by the team of volunteers who have a big passion to create something helpful and necessary for our society. From this year we are starting an active work with our sponsors and partners in order to continue developing in Azerbaijan and beyond the country" - cited the founder of WoWoman Azerbaijan Zara Huseynova.

Last year the attention was paid mostly to online education. This year the organization has more global plans - the ambitious WoWoman team is planning to continue focusing on development in such spheres as IT, design, digital marketing, PR, HR and sales, entrepreneurship, as well as making glad its participants with new opportunities. It is planned to organize the second edition of the best project of the year "WoWoman in Me", as well as Marathon dedicated to 100 years of women"s right of voting in Azerbaijan. During the anniversary event the best trainers, partners, and teams were awarded.

"One of the most important events that will be introduced this year is the new long-awaited membership system which will allow participants to benefit from priorities on our events, as well as discounts from us and our partners during a year", - informed Zara. Until 1st of March, you can preorder the card with the discount and get information about its advantages here:

WoWoman continues its global expansion by collaborating with the foreign companies and experts, as well as creating in a literal sense of word an international team.

"This year we are planning to expand till the Western Europe, some cities in the Near East, and even Asia. I am proud of being a part of the team and expanding the heritage of Azerbaijani brand all over the world", - cited the Ukrainian PR-expert, who is the authorized WoWoman PR ambassador to be - Marina Skrypnyk.

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