Polish Ambassador: Poles, Risking Their Lives, Saved Many Jews During WW2

Baku / 14.03.15 / Turan: Poland was occupied, however, despite this the Poles showed examples of heroism during the Second World War, Polish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Marek Kalka said at an event dedicated to the National Day dedicated to the salvation of Jews during the war.

He noted that many Poles, risking their lives, saved the Jews from the Holocaust and this is an example of heroism.

Participants of the event were shown the film The Wife of the Zoo Warden shot by the US director Nicky Caro.

The film tells about the guardian of the Warsaw Zoo, Jan Zhabinsky and his wife Antonina, who decide to use the vacated premises of the zoo to hide there Jews who are secretly moving to them from the Warsaw ghetto.

The film is based on real events. In general, the couple were able to save 300 Jews.

Participants of the event also got acquainted with the photo exhibition, at which the shots testifying to the atrocities of the fascists in Poland were presented. -71D-

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