Фото из открытых  источников

Фото из открытых источников

This week from Germany to Azerbaijan was deported a citizen who did her best to remain in a prosperous European country. To do this, she and her husband even went to the crime.

According to the German edition of the "Haller-Kreisblat", the Azerbaijani family living in the community refugee camp in Borgholzhhausen, North Rhine-Westphalia, fiercely resisted when police and immigration officials came to accompany them to the airport. The 53-year-old head of the family suddenly snatched a gun from the policeman and said that he had taken the German officers hostage. He even fired several shots into the air. His wife ran to the kitchen and stabbed herself several times. It was necessary to call a brigade of special forces on the scene of the I*ncident. Immediately after this, the family members surrendered to the authorities.

However, the police did not file a lawsuit on the incident. The man was immediately expelled from Germany. A month and a half later - after the treatment in the hospital, his wife was deported.

The publication "Frankenpost" wrote about the fate of Azerbaijani family. The article reads that the police of the town of Zelb arrived at night in the apartment where Sayid Jamalov, his wife Matanat and four children lived. They were offered to urgently collect the necessary things and documents. Then they were brought to the airport in Munich, placed on a plane, and sent home. As it turned out, Jamalov, a former policeman, after his dismissal, decided to move to Europe. First, his wife Matanat and two children emigrated to France in 2011. Three years later Sayid came to his wife, then the family asked for asylum in Germany. But they were denied this.

Meanwhile, the German media report on the disclosure of the underground migration business. An Azerbaijani citizen was arrested on suspicion of organizing an illegal entry into Germany. Her name was not disclosed. The woman is accused of unauthorized entry into the country for at least seven people, from which she in total received for her services about 30 thousand euros.

Various variants were used. In one of the cases a young couple through a travel agency in Baku, bought vouchers to Prague, having received in advance a Schengen visa. From Prague, a couple of days later they left for Germany, where on arrival the organizer of this scam took away the passports from the couple. They were taken to the center for asylum seekers in Bielefeld. For this the attacker received 2500 euros. For the help of entering Germany, the woman received 10,300 euro from another Azerbaijani family. The third episode is connected with the arrival of the Azerbaijani family in Dortmund via Budapest. These people were also located in the center in Bielefeld. At this time, the price for the service was 19,200 dollars.

German detectives believe that the scale of the crimes was much wider, since during the search of the apartment, there were found 54 Azerbaijani passports and driving permits. The investigation continues.

According to the migration service of the FRG, the number of deported Azerbaijanis reaches 50 people over the past year. Thousands of requests re still under consideration.

The geography of emigration of Azerbaijani citizens is quite wide. The disabled Rashad Aliyev and six members of his family are currently under house arrest in France, according to oust-france.fr. He and his close relatives want to be granted asylum in France. The family arrived this country last summer on received visas at the Italian Embassy in Baku. During the application for asylum it was found out that the family had entered the European Union through Italy and, *according to the Dublin regulations, should be sent to this country.

Former citizen of Baku, Elchin Ibrahimov, decided to settle in Belgium. He applied for naturalization, but he did not receive an answer, living in a refugee camp. There was a misfortune - he suddenly died. Now his widow and two children are waiting for a decision on deportation from the country.

As the head of the Human Rights Center of Azerbaijan (EAD) Eldar Zeynalov, it is difficult to name the exact figure how many Azerbaijanis left the country for living in Europe. Because in documents one goal is indicated, in fact there is another intention. Emigrants from Azerbaijan are also seeking asylum in Sweden, Holland, Norway, and Belgium. But unlike in the past, it is now quite difficult to achieve this. Europe is inundated with refugees from the Middle East, local authorities are focusing on the arrangement of these people. Therefore, they often refuse to grant a residence permit to immigrants from Azerbaijan, considering us a rich and prosperous country.

"The new wave of emigration has a clear economic background. Citizens of the country want to live in better conditions, give children a good education, ensure their future. To achieve this goal, they use any means - tour, guest visa, fictitious marriage, etc. Some go to extreme measures, arrange protests, just do not go back to their homeland, where they do not have a perspective on high-paying jobs and pensions. In general, young people and middle-aged citizens leave, who have real chances to start a new life there " the human rights activist said.

On this topic an interesting study was conducted by the Center for Sociological Monitoring. According to the results, in the country, 91% of respondents believe that, amid the economic crisis, the wave of emigration is intensifying, in their close environment there are people who have moved to live and work abroad. 8% of the respondents are not familiar with such people. 58% of respondents named the low wages and level of education in Azerbaijan as the main reason for the emigrant mood, 22% - corruption is the reason for this, other participants in the survey named the progressive social protection system, high social standards in Europe as the main reason for the move.

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