Shahdag Symposium of Artists Ended

Baku / 03.02.20 / Turan: The Art Zone Week-2020 symposium, which brought together 12 artists from Azerbaijan and Russia, ended on February 28 at the Shahdag tourism center, the TV journalist Shakir Eminbeyli told Turan.

The purpose of the symposium was to promote the tourism opportunities of the region. During the week, the participants depicted landscapes and architectural monuments in Guba and other settlements, and held a master class for local schoolchildren of all ages.

The first such symposium was held in Gabala.

The symposium in Shahdag ended on March 3 with a final exhibition of the works of participants - Museiib Amirov, Rena Mammadova. Emin Askerov, Azer Aliyev, Rafail Aliyev and others, including Russian Bayram Salamov. Pictures painted during the symposium were exhibited at the Shahdag Center before the end of March, and will be sold in a few years. These are the rules of the symposium,” said Eminbeyli. --0--


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