According to forecasts, this year Azerbaijan expects positive results of oil extraction

From January to November 2015 Azerbaijan has extracted 38,262,500 tons of tank oil, own 0.4% or 120,400 tons against the same period last year, reads the monthly report of the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee.

From January to November 2014 the country has extracted 38,382,900 tons of tank oil.

According to Turan, in November 2015 Azerbaijan extracted 3,285,300 tons of tank oil. In November 2015 average daily production in the country totaled 109,500 tons or 810,400 barrels of oil and condensate.

This year the highest production rate was recorded in October – 3,598,200 tons (859,000 barrels a day on average).

The temporary suspension of the Chirag platform (Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli contract area operated by BP), due to upgrade of the producing platform, in November has led to reduction of the production volume. From November 10 till December 10, 2015 the production was not carried out on the platform. Before suspension of the platform operation the production totaled 48,000 barrels of oil a day.

The extraction rate in November shows that in 2015 Azerbaijan will extract no less than 41.7 million tons of tank oil. This is about 200,000 tons less, than in 2014. Considering that this year the main oil maker in Azerbaijan – BP-Azerbaijan (ensures about 80% of oil and condensate production – Turan) company has suspended operation on three platforms, due to the upgrade, the achieved result could be considered positive.—0—

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