Another addition to register of foreign insurers

The list of international insurance, reinsurance and brokerage companies once again (on a monthly schedule) by a few players in this segment.

According to the official website of the State Insurance Supervision Service, by the end of the last quarter in the register of foreign insurance companies include several insurance companies.

In particular, the decision of the management services included in the list five Russian insurance companies: "Yugoria", "Energogar ANT", "National Insurance Group", "United Insurance Company" and "Hephaestus." In addition, the roster is filled by two British insurers: AXA PPP and Besso limited, the American-Arab (UAE) by American home assurance company, Turkish Allianz Sigorta, and the Japanese company Tokyo Marine & Nishido Fire Insurance Co Ltd. Thus, the total number of insurance companies on the roster has reached 81.

The number of reinsurance companies with foreign capital has increased by Rosles Re (Russia), as well as Partner Reinsurance Europe plc (Ireland) and increased from 35 to 37.

But foreign players local brokerage segment with a foreign residence permit has eight units more - in the list there are two Russian brokerage houses, three Turkish, one British, one American and Arab (UAE) company. So now there are 56.

Under the law "On insurance activity" in the register of foreign insurance, reinsurance and brokerage firms should be included structures with high, through which Azerbaijani insurers advisable to carry out insurance and reinsurance operations.

According to the same law, the register must be updated promptly, so that the company could start on time to participate in the financial market of Azerbaijan.

The registry of the State Insurance Supervision Service was established under the law "On insurance activity". - 17D-






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