Auditors of Six Public Institutions Became Known

Public Procurement Agency (PPA) announced the results of more than three thousand procurement organized on a competitive basis in January and February of this year. Among them there are the results of six tenders and quotations for the selection of the auditor of the financial statements for the year 2012. Thus the costs of contracts signed under these terms differ from each other by hundreds of times.

Audit of the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund under the Central Bank will be held by KPMG Azerbaijan Limited, which is priced services in 84,000 manat.

The company Baker Tilly Azerbaijan has won the tender for the audit of the financial activities of the State Committee on Securities and the state-run Azerbaijan Investment Company, respectively, which will cost them 23.5 thousand and 5 thousand manats.

Financial activities of the state-run Azerlotereya will be checked by the free auditor Yasin Shirinov. In previous years, audit of the lottery monopoly was held by M & J Accuracy Consulting.

The largest contract was signed by the water supply company Azersu. Audit of its financial statements by the Azerbaijani branch of Ernst & Young will cost 353,430 manat, said GAZ. - 08D-


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