Conspiracy against consumers remains

Wednesday ISR Plaza Hotel hosted a presentation of results of monitoring the implementation of recommendations of the governmental structures of civil society.

The event was organized by the Public Association "Transparency Azerbaijan" with the financial support of the American Institute for International Development (USAID). Expected participation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Energy, the Moscow department of housing and communal services. To the public, according to the authors of the project were to make senior officials of the State Commission against Corruption and the Office of the fight against corruption under the Prosecutor General. Contrary to the announcement, government structures were not presented at the leadership level of regional divisions. Representative of the production association Azerigas of the state oil company refused to dialogue with the public.

According to the expert Research Foundation "Constitution" Alekper Agasieva monopolization of public services leads to higher and higher tariffs. Monopolists have their own rules and agreements with consumers reporting differ from those stipulated by the Cabinet. Enterprises providing public services, bypassing laws have contracts to charge for electricity, water and gas organization Komtec LTD.

In April Nasimi court heard the case on assignment of means of payment by controllers in the suburban village Pirshagi. Speaking as witness, the chief of Post Office No 1115 of Azerpost, Ali Zeynalov said (the words are recorded in the minutes of the meeting at the insistence of human rights), that according to a verbal agreement between the monopoly utilities and the leadership of this organization, monthly all post offices give certified printing receipts to the inspectors, which then go from door to door. Population without knowing the rules of the Cabinet covers services at the threshold of their homes, and utilities assign the money or "scroll" many thousands of revenue, said Agasiev.

Many cases of unilateral contract drafting, verification protocols indicators electric, gas and water meters, intentional removal (for the purpose of fine for damage) of meters beyond the housing and other violations and crimes. According to the expert, unfortunately, administrative, organizational and legal sanctions apply only to ordinary controllers without affecting the interests of the middle and senior management monopoly utilities.

As a result, discussions were read recommendations for improving the legal framework, more emphasis on institutional shortcomings, the expansion and efficiency of electronic services, as well as ensuring transparency and accountability of government agencies. - 17D-

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