Deposits in AtraBank Rose by 22.3%

Assets of AtraBank increased in January-June 2012 by 0.4% to 62.75 million manat. The volume of issued and corporate loans grew by 2.7% and amounted to 46.48 million manat.

The total liabilities of the bank decreased from 48.95 million to 48.79 million manat. Deposit portfolio increased by 12.4% to 21.53 million manat, including term client investments that increased by 22.3% to 17.98 million manat.

The balance capital grew by 2.9% to 13.96 bn and the total capital grew by 3.3% to 11.62 million manat. The paid authorized capital remained at 10.42 million manat.

The income and expenses of the bank were respectively 40.02 and 3.75 bn manat. The net profit after tax amounted to 263 million manat. - 15B -


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