Falling interest of foreigners in non-oil sector of Azerbaijan

The share of foreign direct investment in non-oil sector of Azerbaijan's economy amounted to 11.8%, down 20.7% compared with the first three quarters of last year - to $ 678 million.

The main foreign infusion, according to a report of balance of payments, fell on oil and gas. The total is their volume was at $ 5.8 billion., - The information on the website of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan.

Local companies also invested in projects in the form of foreign direct investment of $ 2 billion. 623.6 million, including $ 1 billion. 424 400 000. - In oil and gas.

Recall the structure of the balance of payments changed from 2013 in accordance with the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and now consists of net financial assets and liabilities.

Net financial assets as of 1 October were at $ 9 billion. 731.2 million., The obligation - to $ 3 billion. 731.2 million. --17D-

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