Currency Exchangers are in a Fuss

On Saturday currency exchange offices in Baku  restricted the sale of currencies. "We do not have dollars," said one of the owners of the exchange office. In the morning on the scoreboard  showed an increase of 0.01 points;  for sale: $ 1 = 1.07 manat, purchase: $ 1 = AZN 1.06.

Exchange offices are in anticipation of another possible devaluation of the manat, rumors of which became worse after the fall in oil prices to $37 per barrel.

After the first 35% devaluation of the manat in February this year, the head of the Central Bank Elman Rustamov said about the possibility of another devaluation in the event of a fall in oil prices below $ 40.

The flames were fanned by  raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve System. Azerbaijan Central Bank was forced to make a statement that did not make any statements about the influence of the ratio of US dollar and manat rate hike by the Federal Reserve System. The rate of manat against the US dollar remained stable, according to the CBA. However, the more neutral statement caused suspicion in a society that has examined the eve of the report published by the Central Bank of Azerbaijan's payment balance. The current account surplus on it by October 1, was at $ 240.5 million. This is by 37.7 times less than in January-September of last year ($ 9 billion. 65.4 million.) - 0-

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