Food imports exceeded $ 1 billion

Baku/27.12.13/Turan : The share of foodstuffs in the "basket" of imports of Azerbaijan for 11 months was 10.6 %. This is 0.7 % higher than in the comparable period in 2012 . While food imports rose by 8.1 % , told Turan the State Customs Committee .

Since the beginning of the volume of food imports has amounted to $ 1038 million. More than one third of imports accounted for wheat - $ 362 million , up 21 % compared to the same period last year. According to specialists , the lion's share of about requirements for wheat and wheat flour of the country is met through imports.

Sugar imports also increased by 10.8 % to $ 176 million. Sugar is one of the main headings of non-oil exports of Azerbaijan. Through Imishli Sugar Factory Ltd Azersun Holding has been re-exported sugar of the total declared value of $ 223.8 million.

This year's supply of meat decreased (-7.6 % ), butter (- 29.5%) , fruits and vegetables ( -50.5 %).

The volume of local food production for 11 months in 2013 increased by 2.8% and amounted to 2,369 million ($ 2,866 million), and beverages by 14.7 % and amounted to 174.5 million ($ 195.5 million . ) . The volume of agricultural produce from the beginning of the year amounted to 4490 million ( +4.8 %).

The government claims that the country's demand for many commodities supply ensured through local production in the coming years and dependence on imports will be increased to a minimum. - 08B-


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