Grain Fund Appeals to Farmers

As of today, the State Material Reserves Agency under the Ministry of Emergency (MOE) begins to purchase grain for the Grain Fund. According to the Ministry, preparation continues until September 1 through a number of elevators and mills. The grain will be purchased from local producers at the price of 250 manats per ton. The main requirement is compliance with the "Rules of the content and use of the State Grain Fund 'grain quality indicators approved by decision of the Cabinet No 105 of July 7, 2009. Price may vary depending on the grain market conjuncture. The Ministry spokesman Ogtay Bayramov told Turan that last year the State Fund did not purchase the local grain corn. The reason was the low level of the quality of local grains. The entire stock of grain was purchased from Russia and Kazakhstan.

The purchase is carried out by Sangachal and Ganja grain elevators of MOE, Ltd Takhil Absheron, Davachi-Deyirman, Karat Holding, Carmen, Ganja-Deyirman, JSC Baki Guliyev Takhil, Avesta Ltd., Company Neon, the small business EL, the firms Pak Nur, Khirman, Rashad Ltd. and Sphinx. --08D--

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