In October, about 1,440 Foreign Workers Left Azerbaijan

In October, the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan revealed 1,848 foreigners and stateless persons who have violated the requirements of applicable law in respect of a number of businesses.

As reported today by the official website of the service (, 296 people were fined, whose presence in the territory of Azerbaijan was legalized by the relevant procedure, and 1,438 foreigners were ordered to leave the country within 48 hours. From Azerbaijan administratively deported were 114 foreigners.

In October, the Migration Service of Azerbaijan has received 8,505 complaints related to the extension for foreigners and stateless people of the period of temporary stay in the country. Treatment are also associated with the issuance of permits for temporary and permanent residence, adoption, rehabilitation and loss of citizenship, the definition of citizenship and refugee status, issuance of individual permits for employment and renewal of the permit. Each application was considered on an individual basis in accordance with applicable laws and each was decided.

Today, by industry, according to the Ministry of Labor, is as follows: 23% of those referred to 8.5 thousand people there on the oil sector, 30% - on the construction sector, 10.1% - in manufacturing, 10.6% - in trade, and so on. Penalties for violators of legislation vary from 30 to 35 thousand manats and used employees of the State Labor Inspectorate.

According to the Law "On Labor Migration", any natural or legal person in Azerbaijan has the right to hire a foreigner under a special permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population. The permit is issued migrant aged 18 and older, if he meets the requirements of the employer in the absence of local personnel capable of performing the job.

Under current law, all natural or legal persons to employ foreigners, in getting permission are to pay the state tax of AZN 45. The permit is issued for one year. If necessary, it can be extended for a further four times with the amount of state tax AZN 25.

Migrants in Azerbaijan have the right to continuous career for 5 years, after which he is obliged by law to leave the country. After one year (at least) stay abroad, he can once again find a job here. - 17D-


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