MCIT Ready to Provide Information Services to Slovenia

The Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) of Azerbaijan is ready to provide information services to Slovenia.

As the official portal of the MCIT said, the Minister Ali Abbasov met with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology of Slovenia Radovan Zerzhav. They noted that cooperation between Azerbaijan and Slovenia in recent years has developed positively in various fields, including ICT.

The issues of mutual cooperation, the conditions for the functioning of Slovenian companies in the country, and the importance of improving the priority projects in the field of IT were considered.

The Minister said that Azerbaijan has the necessary infrastructure for the provision of information services in the regional markets. "In addition to providing these services in the domestic market, we intend to develop our presence in overseas regional markets. We believe that our capabilities may be needed by the Central Asian countries, Iran and Georgia. Naturally, we are ready to offer our services to Slovenia in this area. Another priority is the aerospace industry. Azerbaijan is ready to launch into orbit its first telecommunications satellite," said Abbasov.

Noting that after the first satellite others will be also launched into orbit, Abbasov called support by the Government of local companies when investing in foreign markets a new step in ICT. "Slovenia can be one of the countries where Azerbaijani investments can be made, or both countries can come up with a unified position to invest in third countries," he said. - 17D-


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