Over six years construction companies increased fixed assets by one million AZN

In 2014, the value of fixed assets of construction companies in Azerbaijan increased by 6.8%,  and reached 3,285,000 manat, the State Statistics Committee told Turan.

Since 2009, construction companies have increased their assets only on fixed assets by 1billion 95 million manats. Fixed assets of these companies are expressed in buildings and structures (40.3%), machinery and equipment (32.6%), vehicles (23.3%.), etc.

Companies grow mainly due to profit. Only in 2014 profits of construction companies rose by 70% to $493.7 million manats.

During the year the number of construction companies increased from 1446 to 1498. The majority of these companies (855) is engaged in the construction of buildings. In the area of ​​construction of civil operate 227 specialized works - 416 companies. 08B

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