Per Capita Income Rose by 15.1%

Household income in Azerbaijan for 10 years increased by 5.7 times and amounted in 2011 to each member of the family in the middle of AZN 166 per month, according to official statistics. In this case, the cost of living in the country last year was 95 manat.

According to estimates of the State Statistics Committee, the income per family member in Azerbaijan in 2011 increased 15.1%. In this case, the structure of income was as follows: employment - 54.4 manat (8.8%), self-employment - 42.2 manats (16.2%), from agricultural operations - 23.3 manat (+ 15.9%), pensions - 27.5 manats (26.1%), etc. In 2011, income from leasing property per family member per month is 1.4 AZN and the use of property - 0.4 manats.

In addition, on the estimated of SSC, 7.3% of the budget of families (12.2 manats for each family member) in Azerbaijan is formed through the assistance received from other families.

For each family member in Azerbaijan in 2011, a month from abroad received cash transfers of $ 4.6 manats. This is 21% more than in 2010.

In 2001, the income per household member was 29.1 manat, and in 2006 - 74.4 manats.

In 2012, the cost of living per capita in Azerbaijan defined by Parliament at AZN 108 per month. According to official data, the poverty rate in Azerbaijan is about 7%. - 08B-


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