Polish Company Offers Solutions in Fight against Plagiarism

The President of Plagiat.pl Sebastian Kavchinski visited Baku last week and held numerous meetings with representatives of higher education institutes here. His company provides technological and organizational support, ultimately improving the quality of education, protecting intellectual property.

"Since 2002 the company has helped teachers and students in the prevention of plagiarism. It owns an anti plagiarism system and other means necessary to protect the intellectual property of academic institutions, schools, publishers and owners of web sites. The StrikePlagiarism.com interface is available in the Azerbaijani language, Sebastian Kavchinski told Turan.

At this point, the system has become a national anti plagiarism system that aims to protect intellectual property rights at the national level. Plagiat.pl services are used by about 200 organizations in Poland, Germany, Romania, Kazakhstan and Colombia.

In order to identify whether the text is original or has been downloaded from the Internet or other sources, it is loaded on the platform, which provides an answer for a maximum of 24 hours in many ways (interest rate plagiarism, sources, etc.). Therefore, in many universities after using it the quality of education has increased considerably.

The company is supported by the Polish Accreditation Committee and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland.

Note that on 19 April the Azerbaijani branch of the company Plagiat.pl opened. ----08B

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