Sown Area under Cotton Reached 51,000 Ha

This year, the area under rice in Azerbaijan increased by 2 times and reached 2,268 hectares. Acreage has also increased under other agricultural plants.

As of June 1, the area under cotton made up 50.9 thousand ha, 2.8 times more than last year. This year, tobacco will be harvested from 2,145.5 hectares (+ 64.8%).

Potato acreage remained at last year's level - 60.8 thousand hectares (+0.3%). But significantly decreased the area under vegetables (-5.1%) and melons (-7.6%).

In general, spring agricultural crops have grown on about 360 thousand hectares this year (+ 2.7%).

It should be noted that the government this year, along with wheat and rice, will subsidize the cultivation of cotton, tobacco and cocoon. It is noteworthy that this is contrary to international obligations of the country. Azerbaijan, in compliance with the International Convention on Tobacco Control, in 2005, pledged to avoid direct funding of development of tobacco growing by the state. ----08D

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