Taxes Ministry fulfills the plan by individuals

Only the value added tax revenues to the state budget by October 1 of this year amounted to 1,494,815,100 manat (19.5% compared to the same period last year), the press service of the Ministry of Taxes reported.

In general, during this time, the Ministry of Taxes provided revenue to the state budget of Azerbaijan in duties and taxes in the amount of 5,346,762,800 manat. The income tax expense was 1,731,930,600 manat (at legal persons, minus 4.1%) tax on income of individuals - 708 398 500 manat (+16.2%).

The revenues from the excise tax amounted to 583.567 million manat (+ 52.2%), the mining tax - 94,241,300 manat (+4.1%), the land tax - 28,263,500 manat (+ 15.42%), the property tax - 103 929 600 manat (+19.8%), the simplified tax - 110.967 million manat (+ 24.8%), and the road tax - 19.206 million manat (+ 6.1%).

The state duty increased the budget by 82,745,100 manat (minus 7.2%), and the "other income" was 388,699,100 manat (minus 22.8%).

The Ministry plans to transfer AZN 7,102 million to the state budget this year. --17D-

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