Turnover on credit cards for the year rose by more than a third

The number of outstanding active cards of Azerbaijani banks increased in September 2012 by 78 thousand units, reaching 4.92 million units. Annual growth was 10.3%. Thus, for every 1,000 people (under age) in the country have an average of 820 active payment card.

In January-September, cardholders carried 41,051 thousand operations for a total of 6,321 million manat. With the growth of the total number of payments by 8.7% and their volume by 20.1% compared to the same period in 2011, the number of credit card transactions increased by 41.2% to 2.866 million, while their turnover - 35.3% to 766 million manat.

The main part of card transactions in the period of the year still fell on ATMs - 35,510 thousand transactions in the amount of 5,493 mln manats. Of these, 98.6% were operations connected with the withdrawal of cash.

Service cards are processed through 2,224 ATMs and 36,702 POS-terminals. For the first year, the number of ATMs increased by 8.2% and the number of POS terminals - by 3 times.

As of October 1, 2012 in Baku was established 1,224 ATMs and 33,549 POS-terminals. In objects of service operate 35,039 POS-terminals, including 32,453 POS-terminals in Baku. - 15B-



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