Twelve members of the ISB accumulated 74,000,000 manat premiums

  By 1 September twelve  insurers-members of the Bureau of compulsory insurance (ISB) collected in the framework of the law "On compulsory types of insurance" 74,157,670  manats (+ 29.1% compared to January-August last year.)

According to the data accumulating structure, most of the premiums was  collected under insurance (53 million 14.780  manat) on compulsory insurance of immovable property belonging to individuals,  20. 799.330 manats (82, 3%) were collected.

Additional  258.093  manat  come from public liability insurance while exploiting the real estate, insurance of passengers replenished the treasury is not essential - to 84.630 manat (minus 2.1%.)

Bureau of compulsory insurance was established in the framework of the law "On compulsory types of insurance". It includes 15 domestic insurers, 12 of which provide  the above  mentioned  services.

The law applies to four types of insurance: compulsory insurance of motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance, real estate, civil liability in the operation of real estate, insurance of passengers.

The membership fee to the  Bureau amounts  200,000 manat. The size of a single deposit insurers for property and liability for it is 100,000 manat. For those interested in insurance under the insurance and the insurance of passengers, a one-time deposit  is  200,000 manats. --17D-

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