With lowered speed of Internet Azerbaijan rose up to 4 lines

Interesting things are happening on the Internet. Last week, in terms of optimum speed of incoming traffic, Azerbaijan fell to the lowest place for itself in the world "league table" (116th) - with 3.64 Mbit / s. This week, it again became the 112th at lower speeds up to 3.63 Mbit / s.

Nearest neighbors in the table are the Bahamas (line above) and Barbados (line below). Ghana, Uganda and the Cayman Islands are also higher in rank.

As the official portal of the company Ookla (http://www.netindex.com/download/2,110/Azerbaijan) reports, this is due to the fact that the speed of the Internet in the neighboring territories "went to White Castle" by the mass introduction of modern technology. Azerbaijan, however, with the exception of mobile operator Azercell Telecom, cannot report achievements. For comparison, in Russia (27th position) the average is 17.13, in Georgia - 13.73 (40th position), Armenia (80-position) - 5.60 Mb / s.

According to the index as a local Internet site described is far from 54 products. Local providers continue to change leadership positions, compared to technical capabilities, with the center of the capital ratio, in which the largest number of users is unchanged - 3.63 Mb / s.

On the periphery of Baku the speed is 2.63 Mbit / s, in Masazir - 2.61 in Sumgayit - 2.52-2.70 Mbit / s. Among the areas on the map, you can find Jalilabad - 2.43 Mb / s. About 3 months ago, analysts used the data of Sheki and Geychay districts, now these points on a map of virtual services do not.

Chosen for the experiment were 304,735 unique IP-addresses. The study is based on the statistics of 20 local Internet service providers and telecom operators, mainly in Baku.

More than two weeks in the first place there has been Azercell Telecom LLC - 5.95 Mbit / s (a small decrease in the rate). The merit of the leading mobile operator is in the fact that every week he introduces new technical solutions and tries to be in front, attracting new subscribers. On the following "bonus" of places there were marked Az.StarNet LLC and Eurosel LLC, which, respectively, showed 5.04 and 4.37 Mbit / s. TransEuroCom LLC with 2.38 Mbit / s closes the top twenty.

The rating for the outgoing traffic (the best - 1.33 Mb / s and 123 in the world) is also presented in statistics of 20 local Internet service providers and telecom operators. In their networks during the trial period the maximum speed of outgoing traffic was fixed at 3.19 Mbit / s (net AG TELECOM), and the minimum rate - 0.45 Mb / s (Azerbaijan Data Network). - 17D-


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