Drones attacked the Course and Moscow

Baku/20.08.23/Turan: In a startling turn of events on the morning of August 20, a probable Ukrainian drone strike targeted a railway station in Kursk, Russia, leaving five individuals wounded. It's worth noting that Russian air defenses reportedly engaged and destroyed a Ukrainian drone en route to Moscow. In a separate incident, electronic warfare systems were purportedly activated in Rostov.

Kursk's regional governor, Roman Starovoit, conveyed the details of the drone assault. The unmanned aircraft is believed to have collided with the railway station's roof, subsequently igniting a fire. Preliminary accounts indicate that five people sustained minor injuries due to shards of broken glass. Emergency services swiftly responded to the scene, with further information pending clarification.

A distinct incident unfolded as a Ukrainian drone made an ill-fated attempt to infiltrate Moscow during the night hours. Mayor Sergei Sobyanin conveyed through Telegram that the drone's intentions were thwarted by the swift action of the city's air defense forces. However, specific details concerning the precise location where the drone was intercepted remain undisclosed.

 Notably, this impending drone threat prompted the activation of the "Carpet" protocol, leading to the suspension of all flight operations at two Moscow airports—Vnukovo and Domodedovo. Passengers encountered disruptions and delays as departing flights were halted and incoming flights were redirected to Sheremetyevo Airport, as reported by the BAZA Telegram channel.

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