Another group of candidates for deputies protests in front of the CEC

Baku / 15.02.20 / Turan: A group of candidates from the 9th Binagadi Second Electoral District held a rally on Saturday in front of the CEC. 

Elshad Musaev, a candidate for deputy, told reporters that the election process in this constituency went with gross violations. The fraud was organized by members of election commissions in favor of the candidate from the ruling party, Kamaladdin Gafarov. All of these violations are documented and filmed, he said.

Gunel Safarova, another candidate from this constituency, read out the text of the appeal to the CEC, signed by 15 candidates, which detailed the violations in the form of a “carousel”, mass ballot throwing, physical pressure on candidates and their representatives.

“We call for the official annulment of the results and the holding of re-elections. However, the CEC considered the complaint without our participation and rejected the allegations made by us,” she said.

Another candidate from this constituency, Ulvi Hasanov, also demanded the cancellation of the election results.

“We have enough video materials about the beating of candidates and physical pressure on journalists and an observer by team members Kamaladdin Gafarov.  We demand the cancellation of the election results,” he said.

“Ilham Aliyev said that if there were violations in the elections, people would raise their voices. So here we are and raising our voice to report on unprecedented violations,” added Gunel Safarova.

Another group of candidates from the 34th Second Khatai District also came to the CEC complaining of fraud. According to candidate Samed Rahimli, the CEC refused to consider their complaint, and stated that they don’t have time to watch video materials.

“We also have enough evidence to cancel the results in the circle where there were roundabouts, throwing in piles of ballots and other violations. CEC only verbally declares readiness to consider complaints, in fact they do not,” the candidate noted. -21B-


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