Bringing Country out of Crisis Needs Change of Power - Musavat

Azerbaijan can be derived from a catastrophic situation, if the government is formed by the people. This was the leitmotif of the presentations during the national meeting of the opposition party Musavat held on January 14.

"We are convinced that there are ways out of the catastrophic situation in the country, to which Ilham Aliyev and his power have brought Azerbaijan along with the people with the Bolshevik consciousness at his command. Ilham Aliyev thinks how to get out of the situation. However, he does not think about how to honorably withdraw from the position, but only thinks how to escape it safe and sound. But he cannot find ways to,” said the former head of Musavat, the head of the Center for National Strategic Thought Isa Gambar.

He recalled that a year ago his Center proposed a roadmap of measures "From crisis to opportunities", which reflected the way of the country out of a deep socio-economic crisis. To implement these measures, it was intended as "the transfer of power to the people," Gambar said.

"However, the authorities did not consider these proposals. As a result the crisis has deepened. Now change in the situation lies with Musavat and the democratic camp, the society itself. The Azeri people and the international community are tired of the lies of the regime working for one family, its worthlessness and its ministries. However, the change of government should be implemented not by the international community, but by the people,” said Gambar.

The necessity of the change of government was also underlined by the deputy chairman of Musavat, Elman Fattah. "The past two years of crisis have shown that the government does not intend and is not able to take real steps to overcome it," he said.

According to him, blind and incompetent steps taken by the authorities have even more exacerbated the crisis. The government has no choice but to leave power, Fatttah said.

 The head of Musavat Arif Hajili also criticized the policy of the authorities. He condemned the government for persecuting the faithful, and in particular those arrested in the Nardaran events.

“Taleh Bagirzade (leader of the movement Muslim Unity) and others (meaning those arrested in the Nardaran events) were arrested for criticizing the government, due to the fact that they did not accept the regime’s policy.

Azerbaijan does have radical believers, politicians, public figures and dignitaries that protect the interests of Russia and Iran. But they are not arrested, because they do not criticize the regime. The power even closes its eyes to the awarding of orders and medals of foreign countries to them,” said Hajili.

He called for a change in the political situation in the country.

"In Azerbaijan, no one, including Ilham Aliyev, has any freedom or peace. They have created such a regime. The government only thinks about how to protect their power. In this context, the basic concept is a crackdown against critics of the government. We must change this situation,” said Hajili. -06D--

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