Constitutional Court Gave Positive Opinion on Amendments to Constitution

Azerbaijani Constitutional Court in a semi-closed mode considered a draft submitted by the President on the Referendum Act on amendments and additions to the Constitution. The Constitutional Court gave a positive opinion on the project, said a source close to the Court.

The discussions were only opened to representatives of the state television and several pro-government media. The leaders of PFPA and Musavat were not invited.

Thus, the chairman of the PFPA, referring to the norms of legislation, requested to invite representatives of the party as an interested side, and Musavat sent an appeal, in which it proposed to reject the proposed amendment.

But even the formal presence of opposition representatives was not provided.

Thus, the Constitutional Court "gave the green light" to start a legal mechanism to change the Constitution. The decision will be published tomorrow. With its entry into force, the President can appoint a date for the referendum. Sixty days are presumed for arranging a referendum.

Recall that the amendments to the Constitution provide further strengthening of presidential power in Azerbaijan, enable the Head of State to dissolve Parliament, appoint the first Vice-President and Vice-Presidents. In addition, the presidential term of office is increased from 5 to 7 years, and the President received the right to appoint early presidential elections.  -06D--

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